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  • Rockchip RK3168 Low cost Duad core Android Tablet solution
  • posted on 2013-07-12 14:55:39
  • The performance of RK3168 with dual-A9 core is two times higher than dual-A7 program with half the power consumption, because it uses 28nm. RK3168 supports the latest Android 4.2.2 system and Miracast screen mirror, and achieves multimedia sharing between mobile phones, tablet PCs and TVs.

    RK3168 chips have world-class ultra-low power consumption, only half that of the Cortex-A7 dual-core chip, and is lower than almost all the dual-core tablet PCs on the market. A 7-inch tablet PC with 3000mAh battery can play HD video for eight hours continuously. RK3168 uses ARM Cortex-A9 dual-core architecture, the highest frequency is 1.2GHz, and the chip has high overall performance, which is higher than the industry’s current dual-core chip solution.

    Quad-dual compatible, with one board for double purposes, is the most significant feature of Rockchip RK3168. At present, only RK3168 can achieve quick switching between dual-core and quad-core of the same PCB board. Dual-core RK3168 can be replaced with a high-end 28nm RK3188 quad-core chip pin to pin, so that solution providers and brand developers can save costs and time in product development, have a more comprehensive product layout and quickly respond to the changes in the dual-core / quad-core market.

    The RK3168 program has passed the Google Global GMS and CTS certification, and can easily help customers access the mainstream market in Europe and America.