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  • Industry Android Tablet / MID Solutions - RETAIL
  • posted on 2013-02-22 15:54:00
  • Combine the sleek design and user-friendly experience of a tablet with the security, flexibility, durability and service and support of a device truly built for the enterprise.




    Respond Faster to Customer Requests; Seize More Sales Opportunities

    * Improve shopper experience and customer loyalty
    * Guide customers in selecting their purchase options with assisted shopping/product comparison applications
    * Immediately locate your customer's desired item, whether in store, online or at another location, with item location applications
    * Close the sale on the spot, reducing lines and wait time at the register with mobile POS solutions


    Optimize Your Operations

    * Multi-user log-in enables associate-specific access to apps and data
    * ssign tasks and track progress with manager electronic dashboards
    * Ensure merchandise is planogram-compliant with merchandising applications
    * Assess buying trends, sales and real-time inventory


    Gain Peace of Mind

    * Work uninterrupted with durable tablets built to perform despite tumbles, spills, heat or cold
    * Safeguard data with enterprise-class security
    * Remotely access, manage, and provision devices, apps and firmware with MSP
    * Put tablets to work rather than down for recharging with user-replaceable batteries and simultaneous battery-charging accessories


    Giayee offers fully customized design services and solutions from ID, MD, Hardware and System Software development, Prototypes production, Mass production etc., applications for specified industries not included.