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  • posted on 2013-08-23 14:17:45
  • The so-called smart grid, is refers to through the new technology can be formed between the business flow, information flow, energy flow interactive grid in the future, also called "smart grid".With the traditional power grid, smart grid has a greater market space. The smart grid is a technology intensive, capital intensive assembly, will promote the innovation and development of new energy, information, sensor and other traditional industries, with strong technology and economic radiation driven. Intelligent home system is one significant aspect of core equipment, the intelligent home terminal is the core of intelligent home system, through which to achieve a system of information collection, information output, centralized control,remote control, linkage control function etc.

    intelligent home solution giayee

    Technical characteristics of Intelligent Home Platform

    Intelligent home network is continuous improved with the improvment of integrated technology,communication technology, interoperability and wiring standards, it relates to the operation, management and integration of all intelligent and non intelligent electrical apparatus, equipment and system.

    (1) Structure of Intelligent Home Platform

    Establishment of home intelligent system through intelligent home gateway, intelligent home terminal, socket with electricity and power collecting function and system software. The intelligent home gateway is the corepart of intelligent network, mainly to complete the conversion between different kinds of home network communication protocol and transmitting. With the use of computer technology, microelectronic technology, communication technology, intelligent home terminal will integrate almost all functions home intelligent, make intelligent home establish in a unified platform.

    (2) To realize interconnection with household appliances via communication module and protocol

    System send and receive data stream via serial port with communication module,under a specific protocol, so as to realize the appliance control and information acquisition.

    (3) CPU performance requirements

    With the continuous increase function and performance improvement, put forward higher requirements on the processing power and speed, high performance embedded chipset will be applied to intelligent home terminal.


    Functions of Intelligent Home Terminal

    (1) Home appliance control. Home appliance control is the main function of intelligent home terminal, represents the development direction of the intelligent home, realize the home appliance control through wireless communication.

    (2) Home security. Safety is residents's primary requirement for intelligent home system , so security has become an important part of the intelligent home. Including the family security alarm, door magnetic alarm, gas leakage alarm, smoke alarm, emergency alarm etc. When it is in protection state, once the infrared detector detect there is someone walking around in house, will be reported toproperty management center, and send alarm messages to the owner's mobile phone or other mobile terminal.

    (3) Video call. Integrated with video intercom function, realize video call function between terminals.

    (4) Convenience information service. Property management center connect with intelligent home terminal, release service information and notice.

    (5) Value added service. Online shopping, video on demand and other value-added services via the intelligent home furnishing terminal.


    Design of Intelligent Home Terminal

    Giayee intelligent home terminal using RK Chipset, it's a low-cost dual core CPU from Rockchip. It provides low price, low power consumption, high performance micro controller solutions for hand-held devices and general applications.

    As the control center of intelligent home system , the terminal should has RJ- interface, PSTN interface, RS- interface, wireless transmission module interfaces, it should also provide audio and video interface, alarm sensor interface, HUB interface, RS- interface, etc.. These interfaces can convert the audio and video coding and decoding, instruction transmission and combined with PC machine function.

    Ethernet Control part using REALTEK RTLF-VB-CG chip, a automatically MDIX/M Ethernet physical layer transceiver, with advanced CMOS technology, to meet the low voltage and low power requirements. The outstanding feature of this chip is flexible in use, dynamicly adjust the physical layer interface, data transmission mode and work mode according to the needs through internal register settings to adapt to different application environment.

    In addition, SRAM is extended to meet greaterdemand. In order to keep the important parameters on the intelligent home terminal in case of power failure the system, the terminal has also carried on EEPROM extension.

    Based on Android . OS, linux kernel ..


    Intelligent home terminal and equipment will be continuous development and improvement, to provide people with more safe, comfortable and convenient living environment.