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  • Android System Development
  • posted on 2013-01-09 10:45:17
  • Giayee provides Android System-level Software Design and Development services for creating custom devices, modifications to existing device, and porting existing image to new platforms.


    Android System and Device Drivers Development

    Writing a robust device driver requires a great deal of expertise and deeply understanding of how drivers are supposed to interact with the operating system or kernel. Our enginners have extensive experience on developing device drivers for Linux.

    The demand for Android has driven the need for Linux support of a variety of storage, networking and imaging devices. As a result, many device manufactures now require Linux device driver development to support their hardware, often for complex installations that cross-platform interoperability. Our senior engineers can help you develop reliable, high performance Linux drivers for a variety of software and hardware technologies.

    Technical Expertise on Linux device drivers development:

    * Loadable kernel modules (LKM) for Linux kernels 2.2, 2.4, 2.6
    * Audio kernel modules supporting OSS (Open Sound System)
    * Embedded Linux and RTAI modules for custom hardware
    * Low-level assembler optimization (Intel, PowerPC, ARM)
    * Linux kernel modules based on netfilter API


    Migration & OS Porting

    Giayee is a Migration and Porting specialist who can take care of cross-platform compatibility challenges, while the customer stays focused on product innovation.

    Migration Methodology

    Our Migration Assessment expertise provides an accurate & timely inventory of all impacted applications, defines migration issues by count & severity, and outlines a delivery plan to complete the migration. There are 4 key steps of the migration strategy:

    * Planning, risk, and requirements analysis
    * Versioning control and library definition customization
    * Build system and code migration
    * Detailed testing and debugging

    Migration & Porting Services

    Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS):

    * RTOS re-engineering, including real-time applications and drivers and customization of RTOS board support packages (BSPs)
    * Migrating from proprietary RTOS development to Android
    * Porting of RTOS and Android to embedded architectures and platforms

    Hardware-Dependent Applications and Operating Systems:

    * Porting of hardware-dependent solutions to a different OS
    * Changing and adding new features and functions to existing applications

    Processors and Device Drivers:

    * Processors: Rockchips RK2918, RK3066, RK3188 etc.
    * Porting of system-level applications to new hardware architectures without changing the OS or the compilers
    * Development of suitable BSPs


    System Integration

    At GiaYee, we design, implement, integrate and maintain your complete mobile solutions to the featured handheld terminals you wanted. Our System Integration services include the Requirements Definition, IT Consulting, Schematic Design, PCB development, BSP development , OS Porting, Testing & QA, Technical Supprot etc.

    Our System Integration Services ensure that :

    * Your architecture is scalable and performs at optimal levels
    * Your infrastructure meets the desired standards for Security, Reliability & Availability
    * You are getting the most out of your existing technology infrastructure
    * You make the right technology choices
    * Your existing systems are well-integrated with new technologies