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  • OEM/ODM Services for Android Tablet, MINI PC & Emerging Wireless Device
  • posted on 2013-01-07 08:56:33
  • OEM/ODM Services for Android Tablets,Mini PC & Emerging Wireless Devices

    Giayee offers turn-key development services and solutions for Android Devices ( Tablets or MID, IPTV Box, Mini PC box and Customized devices for Industry applications). Our products and services range including: consumer & industrial grade tablets, handhelds & emerging wireless devices, systems engineering, design/development, manufacturing. We provide both OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) services for emerging devices based on Android OS.

    we design and build high quality android based tablets or other devices that are geared for a variety of applications that include:
    * Home appliances & consumer devices. 
    * Fleet management for Taxis and Trucks
    * Field service operation & construction engineering
    * Marketing/Advertising Information Kiosks.
    * Education: Tablets for use in teaching and education in schools/classrooms.
    * Medical devices for patient monitoring or data entry
    * Self-service kiosks in restaurants for viewing menus and taking orders
    * Industrial automation and other business applications

    Our Advantages

    Our professional skills and outstanding experience on linux system-level, android system and embedded hardware development enable us to provide you the most professional and reliable service and solution for your android products. Our key strengths are the ability to work very closely with our clients and carry out all the normal design activities in-house (hardware,software, CAD, PCB Layout, prototype build and testing) to greatly reduce the typical development time and ensure that the client has full visibility and control of their product. Being a small, agile company we can respond quickly to changes in product direction that very often occur in prototype development. With much lower over-heads than larger organisations, we are very cost-effective when converting a basic design idea into a commercial product.

    Android Development Services

    * Android Software Development Services (Device drivers & BSPs)
    * Android Hardware Development Services (Schematic & PCB)
    * Android Prototype Engineering Services (MD & Hardware & Software)
    * Android Product Manufacturing Services
    * Android QA/Testing Services

    Android Development Experience

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