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Rockchip RK2918 Datasheet
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RK2918 is a high-performance, low-power processor designed for mobile internet applications. The CPU subsystem is an ARM® Cortex-A8 CPU and includes the NEON SIMD engine to improve software media processing capability. With the TSMC advanced process, the A8 core can enable up to 1.2GHz.

RK2918 is the world's first SOC to support decoding of the Full HD (1080P) VP8 video codec entirely in hardware. It also provides FULL HD decoder and encoder processor, hardware accelerated Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1, ultra powerful 3D/2D GPU, high speed internet surfing experience and more.

RK2918 now supports Gingerbread (Android2.3) for Mobile Internet Devices, Smartphone and Internet TV, etc.

RK2918 Feature

* 1.2G ARM Cortex A8 core with Neon and 512KB L2 cache
* High Perfomance 2D/3D processors support OPENGL ES 2.0 and OPEN VG.Support 60M tri/s max
* 1080P video decoding for H.264,VP8,RV,WMV,AVS,H.263,MPEG4,etc.
* 1080p video encoding for H.264
* Support DDRIII,DDRII,Moile DDR memory
* 24bit HW ECC for MLC NAND,support e-MMC boot
* Three USB ports for Device,Host,3G module
* Two SD ports for SD card and WIFI
* Sensors interface for front and rear camera,up to 5M
* Standard TFT/EPD controller for variable panels
* MAX 8 channel I2S  and SPDIF output for HD movie
* TS port for mobile and terrestrial TV, ATSC-T/MH…
* Ethernet networking interfaces 
* Support Android 2.3 and future version