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  • Electronics Product Design & Manufacture Services for Android Tablets & Emerging Wireless Devices
  • posted on 2013-01-09 11:37:57
  • Welcome to Giayee Technology Co., Ltd (ShenZhen), Your Trusted Partner for OEM/ODM Services

    Giayee helps its clients implement their promising ideas in real products and devices. We provide both OEM & ODM services for emerging devices based on Android OS. Our mission is to innovate and deliver a large range of hardware product solutions that exceed customer’s expectations and fulfil the needs of their operating markets. We will achieve this mission through consistent, responsible and defined processes.

    Product Development

    Development Process - Each project is coordinated by an executive project manager, responsible for the requirements analysis and overall project progress.

    Hardware Platform Selection and Development - We help our clients to select the appropriate hardware platform for their device that best suits their needs and requirements. It can be either new equipment, developed using the electronic components from the world's industry leaders, or an existing hardware solution. With the help of our hardware engineers, you will be able to design a modern mobile device of any kind.

    OS Porting and Adaptation - If a device uses an operating system, Giayee specialists will adapt it for a new hardware platform and take care of cross-platform compatibility challenges, while the customer stays focused on product innovation.

    Software Development - A highly qualified team of experienced embedded software development professionals will port existing or develop on-demand software for ARM core based handheld devices.

    Integration - We design, implement, integrate and maintain your complete mobile solutions to the featured handheld terminals you wanted.

    Product Design - In addition to producing and testing the device prototype, we offer to develop a modern case and ergonomic design for successful promotion of your device on the market.

    Product Manufacturing

    Giayee offers turnkey Handheld Terminal Manufacturing Services for the Consumer, Industrial Control, Telecom and other industries with high – reliability product needs. Our rapid-turn PCB assembly and comprehensive box build services cover all phases of the production cycle, from design and manufacturing through distribution. We provides OEMs and design engineers with a responsive, full-capability manufacturing partner that enables efficient, high-quality production on near impossible deadlines.

    We provides customers with through-hole, surface mount technology (SMT), and mixed printed circuit assembly utilizing automated production processes and flexible production flows.

    We provide a one stop-manufacturing partner that can handle design, part procurement, assembly, casing fabrication and distribution. Our advanced capabilities allow the company to produce cost-effective custom assemblies and products with JIT-dependability, flexibility, and world-class quality. With a broad range of specialties and a high degree of process integration, Giayee can precisely execute each step of production, assuring the quality and performance of every product we build.

    Electronics Manufacturing Capabilities
    * Surface mount (SMT), through-hole and mixed technologies
    * Single and double sided
    * Ball grid array (BGA), fine pitch, and 0201 packaged components
    * In-circuit test and functional test
    * Fully RoHS compliant

    Giayee's product development offerings include:
    * Outsourced Product Development in all major technologies
    * End-to-end Product lifecycle management
    * Re-engineering of products created in obsolete technologies now obsolete
    * Product Quality Engineering right from the Requirements analysis stage
    * Full deployment & maintenance support;
    * Product Development using custom methodology