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  • Giayee Android Air Mouse and Motion Sensor Controller
  • posted on 2013-04-23 16:17:31
  • Here is a short guiding document of Giayee TV BOX101 and Air Mouse controller, accoriding to user's question.

    1. Air Mouse Gernal operation

    If you found the cursor can’t moved, try to press “Mouse/Game” switch button, make sure it’s under air mouse model, but not game.


    2. Special buttons on Controller

    It's a very simple and easy to use controller, don't have too much buttons. Through many experiments, optimize the keyboard layout according to the user's habits

    1) System: Power, Home, Back, Menu, OK, Up, Down, Left, Right
    2) Audio/Video: Volum +, Volum-, Play/Pause
    3) Game: Mouse/Game (switch from air mouse model to game motion sensor model), Game A, Game B (custom function keys for game)


    3. Motin Sensor Game

    Key point to play "Trial XP", press start on game UI, switch to game model and hold the controller by both hand, keep the balance don't fall down from the motor bike. Press "Game A" Button for speeding down, and "Game A" to speed up. Easy to control, just like you play it on your phone or tablet.


    There are more games built-into our system, and you can also download more game from google play, or just click on the icon of our recommended game, it will download and install the application automaticly.


    4. Where can I set my TV BOX?