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Company News > News > First 28nm quad-core chips in china – Rock-chips RK3188
  • First 28nm quad-core chips in china – Rock-chips RK3188
  • posted on 2012-12-28 09:50:00
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    Rockchip RK3188 is the domestic first quad-core CPU using 28nm technology, it’s also the global second quad-core mobile chip using 28mn technology after Qualcomm APQ8064.

    1. Domestic leading 28NM technology
    2. Quad A9 architecture, performance far exceeds A7
    3. Ultra low power consumption
    4. High speed InterChip USB interface, 4G-LTE match

    Quad-core Technology RK3188 Snapdragon S4 Exynos 4412 Tegra 3 K3V2 A31
    Process 28nm 28nm 32nm 40nm 40nm 40nm

    The benefit of 28nm technology: Specially designed for mobile devices, offering improved battery life and greater performance. Allegedly, compared to 45nm LP SoC low-power technology, new technology improve performance 55%, save power 60%, at the same time Rockchip RK3188 using HKMG Technology ( Samsung Exynos 4412 also used this technique ), so have a good performance on anti leakage control.

    Compare 28nm with 40nm technology, saving 20% power

    A9 quad core architecture, with internal power consumption reduced, games, video, webpage browsing, data transmission power consumption is 40% lower than other A9's quad-core 40nm chipset