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  • RK3188 SDK2.0 Released - Brings 10 Major Improvements
  • posted on 2013-07-04 12:02:16
  • Recently, Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Co., Ltd. announced to officially release updated firmware SDK2.0 of RK3188 4-core platform to the world. This is Rockchip RK3188’s first upgrade firmware release. It is reported that the new SDK2.0 firmware achieves deep optimization in system, software, power consumption and experience when upgrading. 

    RK3188 adopts brand-new 28 nanometer processing technology, 4-core Cortex-A9 framework, CPU high frequency at 1.6GHz but with lower consumption. Comparing with general 4-core A5 and A7 framework, its performance has increased by over 48%. The newly released 4-ccore RK3188 updated version firmware SDK2.0 realizes ten main improvements as below: 
    1. Perfectly optimize high order Retina screen, resolution ratio of 2048*1536, operation fluency at full frame of 60 frames per second with remarkably improvement;
    2. Optimize graphics processor GPU performance, large-scale 3D game frame rate improved by 30%, reach an advanced level in this industry;
    3. Deeply optimize Android4.2.2 system version, amend BUH left by Google, provide more stable system;
    4. Android4.2.2 Google CTS certification, the first one in China to have successfully passed this certification;
    5. Smoothly support Miracast wireless screen to screen transmission, time delay is shortened by 50% comparing with the like products;
    6. Webpage browsing is accelerated by 20%, smooth browsing of multiple webpage;
    7. Browser joins Web GL, supports online 3D games;
    8. Optimize HDMI video 1080P HD playing image quality;
    9. Optimize power supply management system, further optimize power consumption, and provide longer duration;
    10. Support Bluetooth 4.0
    As 4-core RK3188 upgraded for this time, the most important embodiment lies in optimizing androoid4.2.2 and optimization of full frame 60 frame of high order Retina screen. Analysis by the professionals in this field shows that when fluency of RK3188 SDK2.0 reaches 60 frames for full frame, then it will be the most outstanding platform among all 4-core tablet devices in system fluency, webpage browsing and 3D game performance. 
    Aiming at webpage browsing accelerated by 20% and joining Web GL, supporting online 3D game is of high importance. As we all know, at the times of burst of webgame and mobile game in China, SDK2.0 announces a good support for it, and that will bring about a brand-new experience method and impression. 
    The brand-new firmware SDK2.0 optimizes Android 4.2.2 system version, smoothly supports Miracast wireless screen to screen transmission. End users may enjoy a better and more stable Android 4.2.2, and acquire the best customer experience. I was told before distributing the news that Rockship electronics is the only one in China has passed Google CTS certification for android4.2.2 system. 
    Domestic players may get ready for upgrading SDK2.0 firmware of RK3188. By now, gap between 4-core A9 and 4-cire A7/A5 shall be further enlarged in both of performance and power consumption. 
    Note: SDK is the abbreviation for Software Development Kit, in Chinese “软件开发工具包”. In a broad sense, it means the integration of related file, example and tool used for auxiliary developing a certain type of software. For the domestic tablet device consumers, chip manufacture version SDK release means that downstream ODM and OEM manufacture will release brand-new firmware, and consumers may choose upgrade. The new SDK release means a significant promotion and optimization.