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  • Dual core Chip Performance testing: RK3168 VS A20!
  • posted on 2013-05-31 12:20:07
  • [Introduction] Recently, Rockchip hold media promotion, to introduce the latest dual-core RK3168 chipset, the main advantage of low power comsuption.



    First one is K3168,Second one is A20

    From the system's native UI we can see, the RK3168 supports the latest Android version of 4.2.2, and the optimization, get more rich UI, for the user more user-friendly operation.



    From the chip parameters, RK3168 uses the 28nm HKMG the most advanced technology, the leading A20 55nm generations of technology, it will play a greatly reflected in the power range and performance of plate. In addition, RK3168 dual-core CortexA9, compared with A20 dual-core A7 in performance, is leading a level; as everyone knows, CortexA7 is only ARM family chip in a coprocessor, mainly used for Cortex-A15, ARM's "the size of the dog" strategy (CortexA15-CortexA7) in the "puppy" core. GPU in two different core, RK3168 is SGX PowerVR540, the frequency is up to 600MHz, A20 has adopted the Mali400, frequency due to CortexA7 performance constraints, only 350MHz.



    1) AnTutuV3.3


    Left is RK3168,Right is A20


    2) NenaMark2 V2.4

    NenaMark2 is a Android device for the hardware acceleration of benchmark programs, we tested demonstrates a real-time rendering on mobile phone screen graphics capabilities, including reflection, dynamic shadows, surface parameters, complex light mode, need Android 2 system and OpenGL ES 2 support.

    Top is RK3168,Bottom is A20


    3)Vellamo 2.02

    Vellamo is a webpage benchmarking tool, it can make you the performance and stability of the browser are tested, including Java script, rendering performance, network and user interface. Test scores are related not only to the performance of CPU, a lot depends on the degree of optimization of browser manufacturers. The higher the score, the more fluent webpage browsing.

    Top is RK3168,Bottom is A20