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  • The industry needs of android tablet and potential opportunities of Shenzhen IDH
  • posted on 2013-05-13 14:34:52
  • Abstract: continued hot market in the intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer also set off huge waves in the consumer market. In 2012 the global market total sales of about 120000000 Taiwan flat-panel computer; the recent market research agency Strategy Analytics report shows, the first quarter of 2013 flat-panel computer shipments of over 40000000 units, up 117% year on year. According to this trend, this year the global flat-panel computer sales expected to hit 200000000 units mark.


    The industry market began to focus on the tablet computer


    Although the market power of the tablet computer is still mainly from the consumer market, but the market has also begun to focus on the new terminal equipment. Education industry hope students tablet computer to reduce the weight of the bag, and through the interactive teaching, to improve the learning efficiency and increase study interest; medical workers want easy access to and record the patient's electronic medical record in the medical tablet computer; insurance brokers' hope for customers products use flat computer, best can complete the business trading and produces the contract document for the first time; traffic law enforcement hope for the tablet computer to quickly complete the scene of the accident investigation and punishment. These come from a variety of industry applications, bring the differential opportunities for the tablet computer manufacturers and technology solution provider.

    Compared with other handheld terminals, tablet computer than a laptop computer in the touch screen and portability advantages, than a smart mobile phone in operability advantages. But from the application point of view, only these advantages are not enough. Whether it is a tablet computer or other terminal, with the enterprise's point of view, belonging to the production tool, and the choice of tools of production value consideration mainly depends on whether to raise work efficiency. Touch screen helps to enhance the user experience, but the enterprises in the use of a IT device, are often more concerned about whether the device supports enterprise software and hardware systems and business applications, and equipment operation data and information can be effectively protected.


    Consumer tablet hard to meet industry demand

    After the occurrence of iPad and more tablet computer, there appears a trend of "BYOD", BYOD is the abbreviation of "Bring Your Own Device", meaning the staff personal equipment for work. At first glance, this is a good idea, on one hand enterprises save money to buy equipment, on the other hand, employees to improve equipment usage satisfaction. But recently, many companies began to reconsider the practice.

    Research firm Principled Technologies specifically talk about the limitations of consumer tablet computer, "have great difficulty in dealing with common office tasks." For example, when the Office document is opened too time consuming, unable to deal with large amounts of data, Excel file can not be normal headers and footers, annotations and modify records fall off, unable to restore a file rendering effect, open Word and PowerPoint document lost when the embedded chart or animation, document printing when compatibility issues...... So this is not the only one.


    Industry application requirements for the tablet computer

    Flat computer if substantial entered the market, there are three elements must have at the same time: software and hardware compatibility good, equipment and data security and manageability, lower total cost of ownership.

    In the presence of Office software compatibility on the above mentioned consumer tablet computer problems, from the side shows the importance of software compatibility. For enterprise applications, hardware compatibility is equally important, flat computer must be able to with the printer, mouse, keyboard, mobile storage devices, cameras, scanners, monitors, network equipment and other hardware interoperate seamlessly.

    In the aspect of security and management, enterprise information system the current operation to solve a number of application developers to provide IT equipment vendors and security. Flat computer once into the enterprise application environment, it is no longer a simple personal equipment, enterprise IT management departments must consider the anti-virus, anti-trojan, anti-spyware, against malicious code, blocking malicious website, user privacy protection, protection of sensitive data, equipment lost alarm, cloud security, firewall, virtual private network, system restore, patch, a variety of security and management measures. Of course, an important consideration in the overall cost is owned enterprises.

    Then the tablet computer solution providers in the industry on the market opportunity is greater, such as Shenzhen Giayee provides a tablet customization, provides personalized for each industry (OEM/ODM) special solutions, do solutions provider for flat computer and intelligent terminal in China, focusing on customer needs continuous innovation and opening-up cooperation, in consumer electronics, business applications, automotive electronics, power control, digital education, security monitoring and other fields has accumulated rich experience.

    Is not difficult to imagine, the next two or three years, flat-panel computer widely used in various industries, should be a natural thing.