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  • Giayee Android Hotel TV solution, Smart TV Box Solution
  • posted on 2013-02-22 16:26:31
  • Transform your hotel TVs into affordable modern Smart TVs with giayee dual core iptv box solution! The complete solution including android tv box, gyro air mouse remote controller, offers a unique service advantage: your guests may take full advantage of the internet in their hotel rooms.


    Internet in the TV

    Now your clients can surf the Internet from their bed with a simple but useful wireless keyboard, wireless mouse or remote control.

    Movies on Demand

    Make available your set of Movies for your clients! Store your movies in a SD card, then let the Movies on Demand Module to do all the work. Your clients may preview information of any movie (including speech and trailers), then simply choose their movies.

    Advertising-Digital Signage

    Make available visually appealing information and contents, awesome animations including videos, music, speech ... for any zone of your Hotel. Use our powerful platform to publish any add related with your Hotel Services or with services of your partners.

    Do internal advertising, even publishing third party advertisements. Program your ads where and when you wish.

    Room Service Menu

    Your customers can request any item of your Room Service Menu simply interacting with their TV in a very easy way. Items can be shown with images, even with video, if you wish.

    You also may allow your clients use their wireless devices (cell phones, tablets ...) to do their orders or even talking to their TV because our tv box solution comes with full voice recognition support!...

    Orders from clients are inmediately received for management. Use your Room Service Control Panel to manage them.


    Our android tv box solution is fully integrated with Google Maps and Street View, allowing any kind of multimedia Information (maps,images, video, 3D views ...) about all nearest points of interest for the tourist, including some predefined routes.

    Because system has full voice recognition support, tourist can search any point of interest by voice.

    Resource Finder

    Simplified access to locate in a very easy way any point of interest (restaurants, bars, transportation .). You will be able to add specific publicity too or even bolding those resources that you wish.

    Instant Communication with Hotel Reception

    Instant messaging to communicate in both sides with reception (by keyboard or even by voice!). So Reception will be able to answer or even to make any private/global communication by this way too.


    If you have some tours linked to your hotel, then you may publish them, including multimedia (pictures, videos) and any additional interest info.

    Your customers can browse and choose any tour for booking.


    Customers could do any reserve of hotel services at the moment, just for example, Tours, Golf, Tennis, Spa ... System will check by availability, managing the request and sending an answer immediately.

    Laundry Service

    Customers may request laundry services in an easy way. Laundry managers receive their request at the moment.

    Home Automation

    Optionally the system can be integrated with Home Automation module which allows customers turn on, turn off or change the brightness of lights of their room, programming, changing and / or setting the air conditioner from their TV ... or even from their cell phones/tablets!


    Giayee offers fully customized design services and solutions from ID, MD, Hardware and System Software development, Prototypes production, Mass production etc., applications for hotel tv not included.