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  • ARM based Hardware Design & Development for Android Devices
  • posted on 2013-01-07 09:49:06
  • High quality Android Tablets / MIDs, Android TV Box / Mini PC and other Android Emerging Wireless Devices based on Rockchip chipset.

    Giayee is a professional electronics design company located in China, have over 10 years experience in electronic product design and development. We develop products for Home appliances, Consumer, Education, Marketing/Advertising, Medical, Restaurant, Hotel, Industrial automation etc.

    Our key strengths are the ability to work very closely with our clients and carry out all the normal design activities in-house (hardware, software, CAD, PCB Layout, prototype build and testing) to greatly reduce the typical development time and ensure that the client has full visibility and control of their product. Being a small, agile company we can respond quickly to changes in product direction that very often occur in prototype development. With much lower over-heads than larger organisations, we are very cost-effective when converting a basic design idea into a commercial product.

    We apply the latest methodologies to our development. All development stages are additionally analyzed by the technical experts, which minimizes error risks.

    Schematic Diagrams - Designing digital and digital-analog schematic diagrams based on modern electronic components. Implementation of high-speed interfaces (Ethernet, USB, PCI), integration with wireless data transfer modules (WiFi, ZigBee, Bluetooth, GSM/GPRS) and other hardware interfaces.

    Printed Circuit Boards - Designing multilayer printed circuit boards of Class 5 and above, using BGA components, controlling impedance. We develop in accordance with the IPC standards, adhere to design-for-test (DFT) and design-for-manufacture (DFM) requirements, analyze signal integrity (SI), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and thermal conditions throughout the entire design cycle.

    Android Electronics Devices - Full life-circle product development, including both hardware and software development on Android OS for Tablet PC and IPTV Box. At the end of our development, we provide necessary product development support services including training and technology support.

    Proprietary Algorithms - Modeling of the device operating algorithms, system design with mathematical packages and CAD, integration of the proprietary algorithms into devices together with embedded software design.

    Schematic Design

    All components specified in the layout are on the Schematic and are custom built per IEEE Standards and contain Schematic Symbols, PCB Pattern, and the Attributes. Consistency and intelligence in the way to build parts allows us to have very reliable, intelligent, with repeatable view schematics to meet every customer's satisfaction. By having a listing of parts contained within the Libraries, it is extremely easy to create a Netlist out of Schematics; and to load them into Netlist on the PCB software for further Layout.

    Design process includes:

    * Review Feasibility Study Findings
    * Design Brief and Room Data Sheets
    * Schematic Design
    * Statutory Requirements
    * Cost Estimate
    * The Report
    * Quality Assurance
    * Approval

    PCB Design and Layout

    We recognize that there may come a time when you need to get a project urgently completed or just don't have the resources to do it. So our Engineering Department offers the following services:

    * Designing single-, double- and multilayer printed circuit boards;
    * High density of component layout, subject to assembly conditions;
    * Designing boards with analog, digital and mixed components;
    * PCB routing for high-speed, including routing of differential pairs and impedance control routing;
    * RF Circuits;
    * Library creation.

    Design process includes:

    Creation of schematic file (if it's not provided by the customer);
    * Creation of a library with missing components;
    * Schematic verification (ERC);
    * Importing Schematic or Netlist into PCB Layout;
    * Routing the layout (automatic and/or manual);
    * Comparing PCB Layout to existing Schematic;
    * Routing quality analysis (DRC, Connectivity check, Impedance control, etc.), making necessary changes;
    * Adjustment of PCB Layout file based on customer comments;
    * Creation of Gerber/Drill/DXF files for PCB manufacturing
    * Preparing all the documents needed.